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Mommy Makeover Surgery - Patient’s stories

Mommy makeover

“Becoming a Mother is the most wonderful challenge as well as experience to accept it. After my pregnancy it became very hard for me to maintain the body and the figure I want. I was tired by overtime exercises and gym than I heard about Allure Medspa as a Mommy Makeover center. I met Dr. Milan Doshi and it was a great experience meeting him. I had couple of surgery and now my body looks as it was before pregnancy period. And I had that self confidence and self-esteem as it was before.”

“I am just a mid-western housewife. After having a child my body posture was totally lost than I was informed about Mommy Makeover procedure. I had heard lot about Allure Medspa as a Mommy Makeover centre, there I consulted with Dr. Milan Doshi and with help of him I selected combinations of Mommy Makeover surgeries. After having these combinations, my body posture came back to its position as it was in my starting 20’s. Now everyone comes to me and ask “oh! My god!! What did you do? You look so young...!” All credits goes to Dr. Milan Doshi and supportive team of Allure Medspa.”

“I am 38 years old mother. I am mother of 2 children. It is a very difficult job to maintain the body after being the mother of two children. I lost almost all of my hope for looking young once again. Then I visited Dr. Milan Doshi and conveyed my difficulties and after having consultation I was again refilled with confidence of becoming young. I went into surgery very confidently. After surgery the result was incredible. I looked very elastic and young even better than before. Thanks to Allure Medspa.”

“I am mother of 8 years old and 3 years old child. I was very dissatisfied with the body look I was having. I consulted five different doctors. But I didn’t get my right answer that I want. Then I had an appointment with Dr. Milan Doshi and decided to have the combinations of surgeries of Mommy Makeovers. Today I wasn’t expecting the results to be as fantastic as I imagined. Thanks to Dr. Milan Doshi to bring me back to my social life.”

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